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Many owners believe a dog inherently knows how to walk on a leash.

That is a myth.

Think about the wolf pack—have you ever seen a wolf with a collar, harness, or leash on?  No, of course not.  And for those who have tried to put any of these devices on the wolf, it probably did not end well for the human.  This is why it is important to slowly acclimate a dog to these types of devices.  However, it does not stop there.  Owners may also find themselves being dragged down the sidewalk by a heavy-pulling dog.  After the chaos has stopped and owners brush themselves off, they may wonder, “Will this ever get better?”  The answer is, “Yes, with the right equipment.”  When getting a new puppy or dog, you immediately make a visit to your local pet store and pick up a cool-looking or pretty and flashy flat collar.  While this adds to your dog’s already charming personality, the collar can create some problems for you on a walk.  A collar can sometimes stimulate the Opposition Reflex in many breeds.  Pressure on the front of a dog’s neck can trigger a neuron response that causes the dog to lean into that pressure which encourages the dog to pull.  We at Pawz 4 Peeps Dog Training have worked with many dogs with this issue and have tested many different dog-friendly devices to counter the Opposition Reflex.  One stands out that we highly recommend:  The 2 Hounds Freedom No-Pull Harness.  This harness offers more flexibility than many of the other harnesses we’ve tested.  In addition to a high-quality product at a reasonable price, it has two attachment points that can be used—the front D-ring to walk and the back D-ring for seatbelt use and other times in which your dog may need to be restrained with a leash (i.e. at the lake near the water where you want to give your dog a little freedom to move around, but you want to enjoy your shore fishing too).  Click on the picture/banner for more information or to order a harness!


We learned so many ways to get our dogs to be better dogs and socialized. Walking them used to be difficult but now they are much better behaved. (Karey) was very patient with our dog who has anxiety issues and got her to come out of her anxiety.    
— Leah G.

Best thing for us and the dogs. Pawz 4 Peeps put all of us on the same page, so to speak. Everyone we came in contact with put us at ease and in command with our dogs. 
— Jim J.

We did our puppy training via Zoom classes, which was very convenient and helpful. Nova is our first puppy, so our family was in need of lots of advice and guidance to help her grow to be a good member of our family. From the convenience and familiarity of our home, Karey guided us over several sessions to learn a variety of basic techniques to use with Nova, starting when she was about 3 months old. We highly recommend Pawz 4 Peeps, and love the Zoom class option!
— Karen & Dave R.

Calm, thorough training without shock collars or harshness.
— Dohn & Marsha R.

The training was point on, effective, thorough and tailored to meet our needs. Karie quickly determined what our puppy needed, what support as owners we needed and effectively provided training for those areas.
— Kim C.

Karey is so knowledgeable about training dogs and their owners too.
— Becky K.

Incredible training, individualized plan, worked with where we were and elevated our abilities to work with our dog in a fun and engaging manner. We looked forward to practicing at home because it was play rather than work.  I was treated as part of a team training our dog.   
Erin L.

I had a very enjoyable time training. Ender has learned so much in only 3 sessions. She’s learned to control her impulse and jumping habits. Would highly recommend to friends and family.
— Sydney V.

Karey and Teresa obviously care about the dogs and the training they put into each dog. They have heart and that’s rare these days!
— Taylour A.

Positive reinforcement training works! My pup has come so far since his first day of training. He follows commands, walks much better on a leash, and has gained so much confidence! And I learned so many tools that help me feel more confident in continuing his training at home. I am so grateful for all we learned!
— Jenna G.

It worked!
— John T.

Hazel responded well to training.
— Linda C.

Karey really helped us with our rescue pittie, Murray. He was very anxious and needed to learn manners. He really enjoyed Karey the treat lady and has become a great member of our pack! The dog whisperer has nothing on her!
— Jerry & Jenny S.

Staff at Pawz 4 Peeps is amazing. Very friendly. They evaluated my dog and provided the best way to train, suggested a lead (harness) suited for her temperament and gave us printouts for future reference.
— Jennifer G.

Karey is so amazing and gave us so many tools to help with our dog. He’s a puppy and we weren’t prepared for some of the issues that come with a rescue, but with Karey’s help, we’ve seen so much improvement and feel so much more confident in Myer’s future!
— Christy D.

So good at determining what training method will work best.  Always so kind and listening to what problems to focus on.
— Trinity P.

(The trainers) helped explain things from my dog’s perspective which was really helpful in understanding how she learns and can be trained. The staff was very professional! I loved the way they cared about my dog and wanted her to succeed!

— Ashley S.

Karey had a lot of patience with Dottie and she focused on behaviors that needed to be worked on.
— Connie K.

The training was point on, effective, thorough and tailored to meet our needs. 
— Kim C.

Karey was exceptional with Ginny. I didn’t realize what a smart puppy I have. Karey also taught me some things to do that helped with my training. I would definitely recommend her to others. Thanks, Karey!!
— Theresa K.

I am very happy with my training experience! My rescue pup came to me with quite a few behavioral problems and a lack of socialization. He knew very few commands, but by our third session, had many of them nailed down. By the sixth 1-on-1 session, he was a completely different dog! Karey and Teresa completely trained him out of his herding tendencies, to “heel” when walking, and many of the other basic commands. He is an impulsive little guy with a lot of energy, and the patience they had with him when training really paid off. I can’t even believe this is the same dog I adopted a few months ago!
— Jessica R.

Karey is extremely knowledgeable about dog behavior and did a great job showing us how to teach our puppy.
— Cindy W.

They are very knowledgeable, friendly, and truly care about their clients and pups.
— Sarah J.

Compassionate and firm instruction.  Clearly very knowledgeable about dogs and their psychology.  I was very impressed!!
— Elizabeth R.

The trainer was excellent and allowed me to see what Lilac is capable of doing.  She was positive the entire time and provided me with confidence.

— Lynn W.

The training was tailored to our needs. The trainer made sure we covered everything we were concerned about. She was kind with fantastic communication skills. She worked well not just with our dog but with our kids, ages 10 and 13. She was professional and friendly.  I’m so glad that I found this business.
— Marlene M.

Karey was amazing! So helpful and nice, answered all our questions. We have seen so much improvement in our pup and been given many tools!
— Sheri O.

Pawz for Peeps trainers were awesome. They listened to our needs and helped develop a plan that was right for CiCi and our family. Both Karey and Teresa were great and so kind to not just our dog but to all of us. They tailored the training to allow my teenagers to get more comfortable with CiCi. CiCi can be a challenge, so if she wasn’t responding well to one thing they would do additional research to create a new plan for her. We did in training at their facility, at home and also outdoors. Allowing us to work with her in different environments so we could be prepared for any situation. They provided such great, easy to use tools that we continue to reinforce daily.

— Ann D.

The training center is very clean and the dogs seem to feel at home.
— Vickie A.

Karey has so much patience and knowledge of dog behavior that she had multiple suggestions for handling our dog’s issues. She made sure that not only my husband and I were comfortable and understood the different techniques, but also extended family members we were encouraged to come to the sessions. Our little dog is now able to join us for walks, has a better grasp of his separation issues, and his impulse issues are getting under control. Karey does not speak down the owners and makes sure they understand the best tools and tricks to make the dog the best they can be. We also had the pleasure of working with Teresa for a session, and these ladies are just so kind, knowledgeable, understanding, and reasonable. My dog was itching his face weirdly one session and instead of ignoring it like other trainers I have met do, these ladies checked out my dog to make sure it wasn’t some sort of bug bite or other issue. They genuinely want you and your dog to have a great relationship and the tools and knowledge to let the dogs be comfortable in any situation. We also loved that these were one on one sessions vs group sessions. We received the individual attention our dog needed and they brought in their dog to teach ours good manners. These ladies just go above and beyond with ease and we are grateful for them.
— Kelly S.

Exceptional attention to my training needs so that I am able to communicate with my dog.
— Jane B.

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