We use evidence-based practice methodology in solving dog behavior problems.

Our training philosophy involves primarily positive reinforcement.  This means we use a pleasant action (i.e. giving treats or toys, allowing play time) to reward a desired behavior.  This also includes verbal and non-verbal cues.  This methodology is not only taught by Animal Behavior College (ABC), but supported with current evidence.  While aversive-based methods are still practiced by many trainers, current literature demonstrates positive reinforcement methods are better for the dog’s morale, welfare, and behavior response. Evidence also shows that positive reinforcement is more effective at not only addressing general obedience but target behavior with fewer risks to dog welfare and human-dog relationships.

Here are some articles that validate this concept:

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Casey, R. A., Naj-Oleari, M., Campbell, S., Mendl, M., & Blackwell, E. J. (2021).  Dogs are more pessimistic if their owners use two or more aversive training methods.  Nature.comRetrieved from www.nature.com/scientificreports.

China, L., Mills, D. S., & Cooper, J. J.  (2020).  Efficacy of dog training with and without remote electronic collars vs. a focus on positive reinforcement.  Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 7(508), 1-11. 

On-Site Private Lessons

Private lessons allow dog owners to have a professional dog trainer’s undivided attention for 60 minutes.  Normally, training will occur within a 50-minute period with 10 minutes for discussion and questions.  This is a great way to get your fur face’s training done at your pace and on your schedule.  In addition, private lessons can be tailored to your specific training goals.  Lastly, if your dog is reactive or easily distracted, this is the training modality for you!  Training is primarily done at our training center in Beavercreek, but in-home training can be conducted after the initial in-person assessment is conducted. Multiple factors are considered (i.e. the value to the dog’s training, trainer’s discretion, etc.) prior to this arrangement. Mileage fees may apply.

1 class:  $100 • 3 classes:  $275 • 6 classes:  $525

1 class:  $100
3 classes:  $275
6 classes:  $525

Mandatory On-site Vaccination Policy – Please Review

Virtual Training

Are you feeling a bit nervous going out of your home or uneasy about having trainers enter your home to get Fido training?  Have no fear—we offer an option that allows the trainer to assess your dog, give you the tools to train your dog, and provide feedback on your training skills using a smartphone or computer camera, all in the comfort of your own home! This can be done as a one-on-one session or in a group setting.  This is an economical way to get your dog some training while minimizing exposure to you and your furry companion.

Private Lessons

1 Session (30 minutes) – $35

4 Sessions (30-minute sessions) – $100

Private Lessons

1 Session (30 minutes) –

4 Sessions (30-minute sessions) –

*** Military members, veterans, healthcare workers, police, fire fighters, EMS personnel, and seniors over 65 will receive a 10% discount on all services with proper ID/documentation. ***

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